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We’ve been helping patients and families from all over Winslow enjoy their best smiles for years. Our team believes in practicing dentistry the way it’s meant to be – compassionate, convenient, and high in quality.

We’re Changing Dentistry For the Better

You Don’t Look Forward to Dental Visits. We Understand!

Keeping up with oral healthcare can be frustrating and anxiety-inducing. Our team gets it. In fact, we’ve heard plenty of horror stories from our patients about previous dental offices they’ve visited and how they’d actively dread each appointment. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

At Dental Innovations, we are determined to be atypical in the best way possible. We are all good listeners who want to know about your personal needs, concerns, and goals. Then, we work together to create a 100% personalized treatment plan that will truly blow you away.

Your visit will be anything but unpleasant. Instead, you’ll walk out our front door with a big smile and a desire to come back soon.

We know. It sounds unbelievable. But give us a chance!

Winslow’s Dentist

We’re Ready to Exceed Your Expectations.

Dr. Richard Baker has countless years of clinical experience and a true dedication to serving the local Winslow community. He believes in building relationships with patients that last for life! If you’re ready to redefine the way you think about oral healthcare, consider scheduling an appointment. It will be the last time you ever visit a brand-new dentist!

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Dental Insurance & More

We Offer Both Quality & Affordability.

At Dental Innovations, we understand that it’s important to find a dentist who takes your dental insurance. That’s why our policy is simple: do you have dental insurance? It’s welcome here. Our team members will run your coverage before any in-person visits, provide comprehensive pricing estimates, and help you maximize your hard-earned benefits. You won’t have to worry about any unexpected surprises! You can simply look forward to your healthier, happier smile.

If you don’t have dental insurance, check out our Dental Innovations Plan.

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How Can We Help You Smile Brighter?

Every patient’s needs are different. Take a look at the options below and choose the one that best fits what you’re hoping to accomplish! This way, you can learn more about our available dental services.

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