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Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

Both medical and dental insurance are typically paid for with a monthly premium, but the way they both work is decidedly different. While the coverage that medical insurance provides is usually meant to pay to treat issues that have already occurred, dental insurance is meant to help you stop oral health issues from leaving any permanent damage in your mouth and causing complex problems that are more expensive to address. You’ll therefore save money by using dental insurance to have checkups and cleanings performed.

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What Your Dental Insurance Covers

You need to review your benefits to know exactly what kind of coverage you have (and our team can help you figure it out), but in general:

80 to 100 percent coverage will be provided for preventive services such as regular checkups and X-rays.

70 to 80 percent coverage is usually provided for fillings and other restorative services that are considered “minor.”

50 percent coverage is usually offered if you’re getting a crown or another “major” restoration.

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We Offer In-Network Savings & Welcome Out-of-Network Providers

Being in-network with an insurance provider means we’ve agreed to set specific prices for our services. Doing so allows you to maximize your personal savings when you come to our dental office for treatment. You can check with our staff to see if we’re in-network with your plan, but don’t forget that it’s still possible to receive benefits even with an out-of-network policy. No matter what, we’ll fill out the paperwork for you and assist you in navigating the process.

We’re in-network with the following insurance providers:

  • Aetna

  • BCBS

  • Cigna

  • Delta Dental

  • DentaQuest

  • Guardian

  • Metlife

  • United Concordia

  • United Health Care

  • Ask our friendly team if we accept your dental insurance!

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