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Natural-Looking Replacement Teeth

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or all of your teeth, going through life with gaps in your smile can have a sizable impact on your confidence and day-to-day life. Tooth loss make it more difficult to chew food, and your facial appearance can begin to change over time, causing dwindling self-esteem. We offer completely customized solutions to replace missing teeth in Winslow, AZ that are made to fit your unique needs.

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Why Choose Dental Innovations for Replacing Missing Teeth?


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Dental Bridges

We offer customized, durable, and long-lasting dental bridges in Winslow to fill the gap of one or more consecutive missing teeth. The restoration itself is comprised of two dental crowns located on either side of free-standing replacement teeth, called pontics. By attaching the crowns to the two natural teeth located on either side of the gap, we’re able to secure the bridge in place and complete your smile.


We also offer a cost-effective and popular tooth replacement solution for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth as well. Full and partial dentures have been around for ages, but today, we custom craft them to look identical to natural teeth and last longer than ever. Over the course of two appointments, our team will take impressions of your mouth, craft your dentures, and show you how to use them. That way, you can go through life with a complete and healthy smile.

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Dental Implants

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to traditional restorations, then dental implants are a great choice for you. They replace the entire structure of missing teeth, including the roots. This allows them to offer a variety of unique benefits, such as a completely natural look and feel. Our team is able to complete the entire process under our roof, so you’ll be able to deal with the same trusted team of professionals from start to finish.

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